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​Experience Partnership. Short Term Missions Teams.

One great way to experience partnership with all that GOD is doing in Dominican Republic is by participating in a short term missions team. AGWM missionary Amanda Rixie and our King's Castle Ministry team hosts teams for our ongoing construction projects, street evangelism, kids camps, and general service projects.

Contact us about dates

​Contact us via e-mail at In your e-mail please include the an possible dates for your trip, anticipated size of your team, and the nature of your trip (i.e. construction and/ or evangelism) 

Feel free to ask questions and share your ideas and resources that can be useful for your time of ministry with us.

Budget Planning:
Per Diem

We ask teams to raise funds to cover in-country costs which includes food, transportation and lodging. In addition, a portion of the funds helps to cover partnership with Dominican students. Partnership is one of our ministry's core values.  Each national student and national intern pays to be in the program but it is subsidized by the funds that your team brings.  The partnership that happens between the national interns is transformational as these students return to their local church with practical ministry skills, a mission world view and an ignited passion for serving Jesus in their own church. The per diem cost vary depending on the type ministry and the area of the country where your team will be working. Contact us about the Per Diem specifics for your team. 

Project Funds

Teams must also plan to bring funding that will provide resources for their time of ministy here. This is in addition to per diem funds. 

Constructions Teams : Most teams bring an offering of $8000 - $20,000 for the  project. This  purchases materials for the work the team will do during their stay and for further development on the project.

Evangelism Teams: We ask our evangelism teams to plan to bring a minimum $1500 - 2000 offering to help cover expenses for the ministry and national team they will be working with or help to subsidize a camp.



Pre-trip Preparation

 Learn about the 7 Standards of Excellence for Short Term Mission

Download Dominican Republic for Dummies. 

Check out a list of suggested resources here.

Begin prayer and team preparation.


Register with Assemblies of God World MIssions

As Assemblies of God missionaries all teams that work with us are required to register with our World Missions offices. Click here for more information.




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