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FAQs for Teams. 


​1. What does it cost?
A team should plan for per diem, or in-country cost  AND  project funds. These expenses are explained in the  Step #2 for bringing a team

Since the de Freitas do not currently live in Dominican Republic, will they be hosting our team?

Unfortunately, we are unable to be with every team. However, since we visit the Dominican Republic on a regular basis, it is possible for us to arrange to be with your team if you make that request. However the majority of our teams will be hosted by AGWM missionary Dawn Amsler who is the current director of King Castle Ministries.

3. How many people can we bring ?
A good size for a team is between 10-15 people but we can accomadate larger teams without a problem.

4. What time of year is best?

We love to receive teams all year round but the climate is coolest during Jan - March. This is a good time for construction teams.  The Dominican school system is on the same schedule as the US, so teams that come in the fall and spring have more opportunity for ministry in the schools. During the summer we plan our ministry events strategically for partnership with STMs. 

5.What time of year is not an option?
Holy Week (the week before Easter Sunday) is NOT a good time to come to the Dominican Republic. We do not take teams during that week. We also do not host teams during the Christmas season, generally around  December 25-Jan 3.

6. What airport should we plan to fly in to?
Santo Domingo (SDQ).


7. Are an immunizations necessary for travel to Dominican Republic? How about malaria pills?
No immunizations are necessary but we do recommend that you have your tetanus shot up-to-date. Maleria is not a serious problem here and so there is no need to take maleria pills

8. What kind of dress is appropriate?
Please make sure that you bring light weight clothing as the climate is very hot. However, we ask that women wear modest clothing (no small straps  or tank tops) Tattoos and body piercing should be covered.

9. Do I need a Passport? What are the Visa Requirements?
Yes. You must have a passport to enter the Dominican Republic. A tourist visa is required and must be purchased for $10 upon arrival at the airport in Dominican Republic.

10. Is there something that we can bring you from the states?
Yes! This is one of the ways that teams are a huge blessing to us. The needs for the ministry are always changing, it is best to get a list from our team in the DR when your are closer to your departure. 

11. What will the accommodations be like? 

This varies depending on the location of your ministry. The possibilities  will include modest hotel (think fan and running water), a nicer hotel (think air conditioning and hot water, and camp/ dorm style (bring bug spray.)

12. What's the climate like?
The majority of the Dominican Republic enjoys beautiful tropical weather all year round, with the average annual temperature hovering around 77°F. It is generally hot here with a very high humidity. Officially, the Caribbean hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Historically most hurricane activity in the Dominican Republic's part of the Caribbean has taken place in the months of August and September.




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